You Belong in the VFW

Stand strong with the nearly 1.7 million members of the VFW and its Auxiliary as we continue to fight for all that’s good FOR VETERANS.

VFW Post 5923 – Camdenton, MO

Dear Veteran,

We hope this message finds you and yours happy, and well. You are receiving this because you are one of the 200 members of the Camdenton VFW, VFW Post 5923.

There have been many changes, successes, and failures at your VFW in past 51 years. If you are an active member of the post, thank you for helping us turn the corner and become a great VFW again.

The purpose of this message isn’t to dwell on mistakes or claim a victory, it is to give you a situation report and a vision for the future:

  • Your VFW is leading a trend of successful post that have embraced all generations of veterans and their families. We are a smoke-free place that veterans can feel safe to bring kids and grandkids again.
  • Your VFW has a great core that is a mix of all eras and branches. Quite frankly, it’s a fun time to be a member again. Like anytime that you gather a group of alpha males and alpha females, we have our occasional disagreements but it’s not like it was a few years ago with constant arguing. Our meetings are usually a positive event of fellowship and camaraderie that ends with a social hour among veteran friends.
  • Your VFW has reconnected to the community in a big way. We are very active in the Camdenton Schools, the Camdenton Air Show, Dogwood Festival, and more. We are connecting to other local non-profits and helping them.
  • Your VFW is currently building and nearing completion of a 7,700 sq ft bar/restaurant & event center. Flooring is being installed this week. We had electricity and sprinklers hooked up last week. We purchased restaurant and bar equipment from a restaurant that closed, and those items are just waiting to be taken out of storage. If you haven’t been in the new building, you really need to see it. It will take our great post to another level, with great food, drinks, fun, and events for both members and the community.
  • Your VFW needs you. With more veterans actively involved we could do even more amazing things, like start a veterans’ food pantry, or raise awareness of problems veterans face like suicide risk and homelessness. Together we are strong, and a larger force would make us stronger and enable us to succeed further.
  • Your VFW is trying hard to connect with you. Follow the “VFW Post 5923 -Camdenton, MO” on Facebook or Twitter @vfwpost5923. Check out our website, lakevfw.org for more info. We also do email newsletters, so please make sure we have your email address.

Ways you can help:

  • We really need financial support of the new building. We are working to get grants and have received generously donated materials and labor, but so far our financial fundraising efforts haven’t been as successful as we hoped. Any donation is helpful. You can donate online at https://www.gofundme.com/camdentonvfw or

    Donations can be mailed to the post:

VFW Post 5923, Attention: New Building Fund
PO Box 407, Camdenton, MO 65020

The post is a 501(c)19; donation receipts are available upon request.

We also need military décor such as uniforms, memorabilia, coins, pins, unit patches, etc.

  • We need more help. Our core is being stretched thin. We have a lot of opportunity for you to help, when you can and how you want to. We need event helpers, Bingo workers, committee members, and more. Our continued growth and success is dependent on people like you serving with us. Our goal is to help veterans and our community even more through the works of our great VFW post.
  • Encourage other veterans to join our post. Veterans of all ages are struggling from depression, survivor’s guilt, PTSD, marriage troubles, financial problems, and more; connecting with other veterans and the VFW can offer them support, friendships, and solutions.
  • Show up. The Camdenton VFW now meets on the first Monday of the month. There is a potluck dinner at 6 p.m. and a meeting at 7 p.m. A veteran service officer is available to help any veteran with VA claims during the dinner portion of the meeting night.

If you are member that hasn’t come in a while, and you would like to talk to a member of our post before you return, call the membership team Blake Distler 757-814-0677 or Keith Lucas 314-809-4666. Again, we need you and we hope to see you soon. Come see the difference, and come help us turn the potential of our great post to victories for veterans and the community. See you soon, and thank you for your continued support!


Your Fellow VFW Post 5923 Members

Not Just Your Grandpa’s VFW

Last summer, the post adopted a slogan, “Not Just Your Grandpa’s VFW.” The mantra is meant to convey the post’s readiness to preserve the traditions of the VFW and its eagerness to add new programs and events aimed at attracting young veterans and their families. Post leadership emphasized the new slogan is meant to show non-members that the Camdenton VFW has all ages of veterans among its membership. And to those members, it is a message that the post wants to support all of its veterans.

We aren’t just recruiting young veterans. While that is important, we want all ages of veterans to join us. We would really like to see members that haven’t been to the post in recent years return.

“The post has made great strides for a bright future because of small group of very active members. With more veterans and auxiliary members, our potential to serve veterans and our community is limitless,” added Vietnam Veteran and Assistant Post Quartermaster Terry Reaka.

Our New Building – Opening Fall/Winter 2016

A new post building is in construction. This new facility will house the local VFW’s Bunker Bar & Grill, a post event/meeting room, kids’ play room, and a community event/meeting center. The post hopes to open the bar and restaurant in 2016, with the event center opening later in 2016. Zach Sousley of S&S Custom Building, LLC is now the general contractor and is currently in the sheetrock/drywall stage of construction. The existing building will remain in operation as the post’s BINGO hall.

Bingo Nights

The Camdenton VFW is still home to one of the Lake’s most popular BINGO games. The games are held every Friday and Saturday evening, with doors opening at 5 p.m. Early Bird games start at 6:30 p.m., with Horse Race games prior to that. They play 24 games a night with 2 Progressive Jackpots each night that go up every week if no one wins. The winner of each night’s last game takes 90% of that game. There is also a $500 coverall jackpot every night. All other game winnings are determined by attendance. The proceeds benefit veterans and the post.

VFW Auxiliary Opens Eligibility to Males

In 2015, the Veterans of Foreign Wars opened eligibility to its Auxiliary to males. Any husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, or granddaughter of a VFW eligible veteran, who is a US citizen over the age of 16, can now join the VFW Auxiliary. The Camdenton VFW Auxiliary now has males to include the grandsons of post founding auxiliary member Hazel Parrish and Doug Thompson, a former D.O.D. medic who served in Iraq. This change opens many new opportunities for supporters to serve along with post member veterans, to include veterans who served in peacetime but who have relatives that earned combat ribbons.

Connecting to the Community and Schools

The VFW has always offered programs to educate youth and instill patriotism, and the Camdenton VFW has continued to grow its connection to Camdenton Schools. The post has recently helped the school district with putting flags in classrooms, donating a flag pole, participating in a veterans vs. teachers basketball game, volunteering for Veterans in the Classroom, and attending Veterans Day events. Dogwood Elementary held its own fundraiser for the post’s new building, a Run/Walk event that raised $3,000.

The Camdenton VFW now meets on the first Monday of the month.

There is a potluck dinner at 6 p.m. and a meeting at 7 p.m. A veteran service officer is available to help any veteran with VA claims during the dinner portion of the meeting night.

Camdenton VFW Chips In For Airport Monument

VFW Post 5923 is a proud supporter of the Veteran’s Memorial Monument Project at Camdenton Memorial Lake Regional Airport. Contact the City of Camdenton at 573-346-3600 to donate to this worthy effort. More info


Post Adjutant Brad Mitchell awarded Camdenton School District's Volunteer of the Year!

Congratulations to Post Adjutant Brad Mitchell on receiving the award for Camdenton School District’s Volunteer of the Year!
Brad was recognized for his volunteer work with the school’s Veterans Day assemblies, along with his help and work with children in elementary classrooms.

Post Leadership

  • Commander: Blake Distler
  • Sr. Vice Commander: Mike Waite
  • Jr. Vice Commander: Josh Sims
  • Quartermaster: Terry Reaka
  • Chaplain: John Johnson
  • Surgeon: Rosy Sifuentes
  • Trustees: Woody Tweed, Doug Kemp, Mike Barnhill
  • Adjutant: Brad Mitchell
  • Judge Advocate: Keith Lucas

VFW Post 5923